My name is Maciek Łazowski and I’m an illustrator, designer and cartoonist based in Warsaw, Poland. I have a Master of Arts degree from The Higher School of Art and Design in Lodz. I'm an author of the comic strip "Głosy w mojej głowie" ("Voices in my head”), children’s book "Co się dzieje, kiedy śpisz?" ("What happens when you sleep?”) and many other things. I like coffee and video games, I don’t like liver. 
I've worked for clients such as Danone, HBO, EgmontŠkoda or PlayStation.
2014 - European fairytales in illustration, Lodz, Poland (group show)
2015 - European fairytales in illustration, Santiago De Compostela, Spain (group show)
2017 - Doodles, Lodz, Poland (solo show)
2018 - Lines, shapes and silliness, Lodz, Poland (solo show)
2019 - Video games, all day long, Warsaw, Poland (group show)

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